repWelcome to 3rd Coast, LLC, my name is Russell and I was born and raised in Houston, I love it here and am very proud to call it home.  Since the introduction of the Internet, I have always  in advertising and online media.  So, after working as an account exec for a and in Houston for several years I was given the challenge by my daughter to help her create a website company.  So, I lent her my name, my expertise as well as my contacts from the media industry and what started as a challenge, she has grown into 3rd Coast, LLC
2-D99D4984-73988-800She has an amazing ability to take a written description and turn it into some spectacular designs.  Her talents also extend to creating Logo Designs, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn  Pages as well as various other types of online marketing and advertising campaigns.  Her and her husband are also expanding the business to include signs, banners and t-shirts.  We do our best to help you level the playing with affordable solutions.  We’re proud to say we have acquired many clients along the way and also made many new friends in doing so.  We do our best to earn that business every day.  If you’re ready to get started, then click here.